Everything you need to know about selling your land, part of your garden or any outbuildings such as a garage or workshop.


We specialise in buying and developing unusual spaces, but we do need a minimum of around 500 square feet (approximately 46 square metres) to make it viable. That’s about the size of a double garage.

No, not at all. We think creatively and your space doesn’t need to regular for it to have potential.

We buy land in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

No, you can sell part of your property even if you’re still paying off your mortgage. However, you will need to speak to your lender about it.

Yes, you do need to own the freehold on any space you want to sell to us.

We can do initial desktop searches as soon as we receive your appraisal form, and will contact you within 24 hours to arrange to visit the site. We’re experienced at identifying plots with potential, and will be able to assess whether your space could be developed on the first visit to your property.

If we believe that it can be, we organise a topographical survey. The survey itself takes about half a day, and finalising the report about a week. All in all, we should be able to make you an offer within 2 to 3 weeks of you contacting us. This offer is subject to us getting planning approval.

(Because we understand the potential of a space, our offer will be based on what can be developed in your space, rather than just on your space as it stands. That’s how we increase the value to you of every square foot you’re wanting to sell.)

The money you get for space you sell could be tax free if the property is your home. Currently, Capital Gains Tax may not apply if you sell:

  • A dwelling or part of a dwelling which is your home
  • Part of the garden attached to your home.

This does depend on your tax status and other factors though, and you do need to make sure that you meet all of the HMRC’s criteria for this relief on paying Capital Gains Tax. Check the HMRC Guidance on Private Residence Relief (2015). Note that this legislation could change in the future.

Tax law is complex and you should seek independent tax advice to determine and understand the tax consequences of any property you sell, and how it may affect your tax position more generally. The information above only highlights the key factors to consider, and cannot be regarded as comprehensive information or as constituting tax advice.

The offer we make you will be based on what we believe can be built in the space you want to sell. You can have an independent valuation done to assess our offer.

There is a lot of legislation around selling land, and sales can often take years. We understand this legislation and have years of experience in this area, as well as in land surveys and planning applications. This enables us to speed up the process.

We are creative in using space, which means that we know what could be possible and will give you a price based on what can be developed in the space you sell, rather than just on your space as it stands. That’s how we increase the value to you of every square foot of your space.

Often large gardens aren’t practical and can become a drain on your time. Instead, you can release the equity in your garden and use it to help your children or grandchildren get on the housing ladder, put it towards your retirement, or buy that dream holiday home.

We work with an experienced planning consultant who will use the information from our surveys to submit an application for outline planning permission (OPP).

The local authority registers the application and then there is a period of consultation where they consider the application. As part of this they will:

  • Send your neighbours a letter or put up a site notice outside your property
  • Consult the local parish or town council
  • Check with the highway engineers whether access is safe
  • Consult with the Environment Agency if there is any flood risk
  • Speak to the council’s professional archaeologist if it’s an historic site
  • Talk to environmental health officers if there are any contaminated land issues
  • Consult their conservation officer if the site is within a Conservation Area
  • Consult their tree officer if there are trees that may need protecting.

As you can imagine, this can take a few months and it’s hard to predict just how long it will take to get planning permission. We do our best to speed things along by always responding quickly to any queries from the local authority though. It’s in our best interests to get planning permission as soon as possible too.

Selling part of your garden to be developed won’t diminish the value of your property. We will work with you to develop a proposal that will sit happily alongside your existing property. Our low maintenance, environmentally friendly homes are designed to complement their environment.

We can’t tell you unless we have some details of your property. However, we’re experienced at identifying plots with potential, and will be able to assess the land on the first visit to your property. We’ll look at similar developments in the area and even consider the potential to develop below ground. Get an appraisal now >

Whether we develop your property or a third party does, it’s highly unlikely that an eyesore will appear in your garden  as planning policy prevents this. 

For the most part we use the spaces we buy to build high-spec prefabricated modular houses that are designed by respected British architects. They’re unobtrusive, eco-friendly buildings. Being prefabricated also makes the construction process far cleaner and quicker – something that your neighbours will appreciate. We can show you images and animations of what our homes could look like in your space. 

Yes it is. There are various options we could consider for gaining access to your space, such as shared access, or buying part of a neighbouring property. Get in touch or fill out an appraisal form

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